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The Functional Medicine Clinic London are people's self-healing powers and the goal of achieving a high level of health to enable those seeking help to have vitality and creativity in their lives. The medical art of Functional/Medicine is to work with the patient to find out what is inhibiting their self-healing powers and to work together to eliminate these obstacles as casually as possible and to take beneficial measures for healing. This approach is an attractive alternative to diagnosis and guideline-oriented medicine, particularly in the treatment of chronic diseases. FMCL know the top treatment principles are not to harm the patient (e.g. with medication) and to have the patient's consent for all measures.

Hi! I’m Fabiola Balistreri, your holistic practitioner at our clinic in London.

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Chronic illnesses and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism, autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or food intolerances with bronchial asthma or neurodermatitis are typical problem areas. The diagnosis and individual therapy of leaky gut syndrome in the gastrointestinal tract is a central area of work. Diffuse weakness, fatigue lack of drive reduced resilience, and susceptibility to infections or headaches are also typical reasons for treatment. Chronic inflammation as well as the examination and strengthening of the immune system are also a central area of responsibility. What is also remarkable is the noticeable increase in these disorders at every age. Our conventional medical training only provides partial answers to the problems these people face. Psychosomatics is often used when other explanations are missing. Below these peaks, it is important to unmask the iceberg.

At Functional/Medicine UK we see a process for finding answers where traditional conventional and statutory medicine is not sufficient for many patients for this reason people are turning more and more in the UK to FMCL.

Healing Story

Fabiola helped me overcome my illness and maintain a happy and healthy life!”

I started to work with Fabiola regarding some PMS problems she was patient diligent with her work and loaded with great ideas which I took on board and later deployed, the result is I look and feel better than ever.

Some great points for all people who seek an alternative medicine approach

  • Functional/Medicine does not exclude any therapeutic method as long as it serves the long-term goal of promoting health, but is not satisfied with symptom-related relief. Treatment using the Functional/Medicine Clinic is most like setting a course or changing direction. Functional/Medicines therapy is a process that takes months or years and requires time, patience and money, FMCL has proven to be a very effective source in the UK.
  • Statutory medical care according to SGB V, based on the maxim of only taking economical, necessary, sufficient and appropriate measures, unfortunately does not represent a sufficient basis for the above-mentioned treatment strategy.
  • Basic statutory health care has different goals. Unfortunately, given this background, a large proportion of the costs incurred in Functional/Medicine have to be borne by oneself. Of course, there is always a high degree of cost transparency and patient participation.
  • Unfortunately, setting the course is not possible in a one-off, brief doctor-patient contact, but requires a lot of communication, advice and collaboration. With patients who consult us from a greater distance, FMCL try to reduce personal contact on site to a minimum.
  • FMCL Inquiries, follow-up consultations or short contacts can sometimes also be carried out by telephone, email or FaceTime / Skype. In contrast to the conventional and statutory medical concept, Functional/Medicine UK can promote health and achieve better results for vitality and creativity, especially in the case of chronic disorders.

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“If you are looking for incredible support and guidance FBFM is the place for you they are very knowledgeable and helped me through the worst part of my pregnancy. I felt sick 24/7- couldn’t keep any food down! FBFM knows how to switch up food items and give suggestions that really worked for me. Truly a lifesaver.”

“FMCL has been AMAZING! This is my second pregnancy. I reached out because I gained way too much weight during my first pregnancy and I really wanted this one to be different. FBFM showed me easy ways to implement healthy eating into my lifestyle. Nothing crazy or unrealistic! Really enjoyed my experience with FBFM and I look forward to working with them more.”

“I have struggled with my weight due to PCOS for my entire life. I reached out to FMCL as basically my last hope.FMCL has been incredible. I lost 20 pounds in the first few months working with FMCL. What I really loved about working with FBFM is how comfortable I felt with FMCL the moment I met them. I wouldn't look anywhere else if you struggle with PCOS and body image issues.”

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