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Functional/Medicine was created in 2024 by a highly qualified experienced Nutrition therapist Fabi so she can reach out and help people worldwide by utilizing her skills and by deploying her original techniques.

The-medical-art of Functional/Medicine is to work-with-the-patient to find out what is inhibiting their self-healing powers and-to-work-together-to-eliminate-these-obstacles-as-casually as possible and to take beneficial measures for healing. This-approach-is-an attractive alternative to diagnosis and guideline-oriented medicine, particularly in the treatment of chronic diseases. FMCL know the top treatment principles are not to harm the patient (e.g. with medication) and-to-have-the patient's consent for all-measures.

Hi! I’m Fabiola Balistreri, your holistic practitioner at our clinic in London.

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“If you are looking for incredible support and guidance FBFM is the place for you they are very knowledgeable and helped me through the worst part of my pregnancy. I felt sick 24/7- couldn’t keep any food down! FBFM knows how to switch up food items and give suggestions that really worked for me. Truly a lifesaver.”

“FMCL has been AMAZING! This is my second pregnancy. I reached out because I gained way too much weight during my first pregnancy and I really wanted this one to be different. FBFM showed me easy ways to implement healthy eating into my lifestyle. Nothing crazy or unrealistic! Really enjoyed my experience with FBFM and I look forward to working with them more.”

“I have struggled with my weight due to PCOS for my entire life. I reached out to FMCL as basically my last hope.FMCL has been incredible. I lost 20 pounds in the first few months working with FMCL. What I really loved about working with FBFM is how comfortable I felt with FMCL the moment I met them. I wouldn't look anywhere else if you struggle with PCOS and body image issues.”

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